Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Small is the New Big

Does size really matter? Oh, those endless conversations... But following the constant trend of minimization, I would say that it doesn't. It seems that our entire world is moving to a mini model of itself... We've already got Mini Cooper, Mini iPad, mini cupcakes and... now Louis Vuitton decided to introduce a mini bag. Yeah, you've read it well: two iconic LV bags - Alma and Monceau - got miniature twins:

Have a look at this TESSfull Louis Vuitton 'Mini' commercial, featuring fabulous Hanneli Mustaparta (a photographer, fashion blogger, stylist and former model),  Miroslava Duma (one of the most recognized Russian fashionistas, former editor of Harper's Bazaar) and Elin Kling (Swedish fashion blogger): 

All Images/video are courtesy of LVMH

So, are YOU UP for a MINI?

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Your Tess


  1. Wow, I swear by small bags like this. If I'm just going for a little drink or meet up and don't need a whole lot of space. I always take my little tan bag. So much easier than a clutch all the time!
    Great post, the colours are amazing too!
    Erica xo

  2. I could probably use a small bag like that when I go out for dinner or drinks...but during the day I still like a bag big enough to carry around my 'arsenal' of things that could come in handy. Actually, am pretty convinced that having a bag like this would MAKE me go for dinner or drinks more often!