Monday, April 29, 2013

Shoe Science

For all the shoe lovers out there... I put together this little cheat-list in case you feel lost in the world of heels or, vice versa, if you are too advanced and need a detailed tracking sheet to organize your shoe-shelf (or, shall I say a 'shoe-room' then?!) In any case, hope you will enjoy this TESSful dictionary!

Visual Shoe Dictionary

Visual Shoe Dictionary (2)
Source: Polyvore by Mademoiselle-Tess

***So, WHICH ones are YOUR FAVORITE?***

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

INNO Fashion

We've been discussing with my colleagues some innovations today. You know all these marketing debates about which product to launch, will it be the right move on the market, do consumers really need it etc. Frankly, gave a lot of food for thoughts to all of us...

Personally, it got me to the point where I started digesting what exactly (as a consumer, of course) I want to have NEW in my life? What could be that TESSful something that would make me go WO-O-O-OW without stops? ...that would change my life drastically? ... bring it to the new level in terms of quality and convenience? (In fashion, I mean). The times when this sound was caused by a mini skirt, bikinin, pantsuit (you name it) have kind of went away and, unfortunately, it was not our generation who shared the happiness of seeing something different and completely unusual. 

With this thought in mind, I went to 'google the Google'. I was just curious to see if there is anything out there that could give me a spark. Good or bad - it doesn't matter, just something! And guess what? I found it... So, here is my TOP 3 of 'innovations' in fashion. How meaningful they are - I will let you judge.

TESS #1: 'Metal steps' for the metro grate. Seriously, it is the most wisest thing I've ever seen in the past years! So many good heels were killed or badly damaged due to these metal bars... Oh, men, you don't even think about our Jimmy's and Christian's when make the ventilation 'windows' on the street. But now, when solution is found, we must execute it! Properly, please.

Anti-TESS #2: High-Heeled Ice Skates. Frankly, I don't even know where exactly they could be found in a shoe store: sport shoes vs. evening pumps. But clumsy fall is guaranteed, I bet!

Anti-TESS #3: Tights with hairy arms kind of checking your legs. What for? Seriously. I guess this design aims to publicly claim the instant male attention you've got. (Why so hairy though?)
All pictures are kindly provided by Google Images. 
Let me know if you are aware of any (c) I need to keep.


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ma Nouvelle Vie

VoilĂ , I am back... finally! Well, I better say FINALLY, 'cause I know that you all lost me (in fact, I lost myself as well:) Thank you so much for your patience and care, my dear TESSies. Every single message I received (and I must admit that I got quite a few of them!) asking if everything goes well on my side, surely made my days sunnier and happier! You gave me energy to move... move out... and move on. That, actually, answers the questions where I have been, what I was doing and what exactly I am back to.

Here is the story. Being totally spontaneous, flexible and free, I decided to move to another city! As simple as that. After spending some good time in Geneva, my Swiss periode of life is over (however, as life taught me never to say 'never'... I may still be back there one day... who knows:).

Audrey Hepburn once said, that Paris is always a good idea. Following her advice (as well as some of my dreams), here I am, starting a new page of my life. Kind of 'Parisian' tabula rasa with so many things to discover:)

Source: Polyvore by Mademoiselle-Tess

So, wish me luck in my new endeavors! I hope that this (usually painful) 'settle down' phase will pass quickly and that I will fully embrace my new city and my new life already soon. In any case, I am back to TESS and back to you, full of creative ideas and things to share. Let me know, how you have been all this time and what's new on your side and... by the way...

***Have YOU ever BEEN to PARIS?***

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Your Tess