Tuesday, November 18, 2014

United by Uniform

I have recently spotted this article in Le Monde (a french daily newspaper) and simply couldn't not to share it with you, my dear TESSie. The article Tribus de Rues (Street Tribes) published on Nov 14th 2014 talks about a 65-year-old Dutch photographer, Hans Eijkelboom, and his remarkable shots. Main idea of Hans's work is to illustrate a fallacy of modern individualism. For almost 10 years the photographer has been travelling across the Globe, taking pictures of people who are dressed similarly.

...Dressed similarly, you might oooh-ed?!! Yes-yes, and I totally understand you... You cannot even imagine how big was a drama when one of my colleague happened to buy the same shoes... and here we are talking about groups (!!!) of people coincidentally wearing the same outfits. 

To give you a scale of the 'problem', below are some shots from the Hans Eijkelboom collection. It is a real proof that without even knowing it, we all have a certain uniform. Call it a trend, a tendency or even a visual cliche... we still look the same. 
(Of course, not us, TESSies, I am rather more general:-)

April 15, 2005 // Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 22, 2004 // Rotterdam, Netherlands
December 31, 2004 // Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 24, 1997 // New York City, USA
August 3, 2013 // Amsterdam, Netherlands
April 8, 2002 // New York City, USA
April 24, 2007 // Amsterdam, Netherlands
October 1, 2005 // Shanghai, China
All Images are courtesy of Hans Eijkelboom

Want to avoid it? Want to stand out from the crowd? Easy! 
Be a TESS. Cultivate, nourish and own a unique, personal sense of style that would make you look and feel different ,-)

TESSful note for those who are in Paris: 
  • Colette, a parisian concept storewill be hosting Eijkelboom’s exhibition from Nov 2-29, 2014. //213 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris//

*** So, how would YOU REACT if you ENCOUNTERED a PERSON WEARING the SAME? ***

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Your Tess

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Chanel A/W 2014 Ad Campaign

Clearly, Chanel A/W ad campaign was released some time ago, but I love its creative TESSful spin so much, that decided to revisit it with you. 

Oh Cara, Cara... This season Karl Lagerfeld's darling - Cara Delevingne - was paired with a so called "the future face of fashion" - Leona Binx Walton. The girls have already worked together and met several times on the fashion podium, but never on a ring... on a boxing ring. And that's exactly where the recent Chanel photo shoot took place. Choosing to be rather creatively intriguing than totally predictable, Karl Lagerfeld set up the shoot in sports facilities instead of so much expected supermarket setting (following the concept of the Chanel A/W 2014 défilé).

So, here they are... TESSful girls lifting, pumping, pulling weights and not only!

All Images are courtesy of CHANEL

*** So, what's YOUR FAVORITE AD campaign of A/W 2014? ***

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Your Tess

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Full Hats-On !

When I was a kid, I hated hats. And when I say hated, I literally mean HATED. Especially those with huge, fluffy and completely useless pompons on top. I had a feeling that these pompons were bigger than my head and that I resembled a freshly landed alien. I thought I looked totally uncool and that none of the guys would even look at me... Well, Roulez Jeunesse

Gosh, what a missed opportunity!! Hats are awesome!! They not only keep you warm, but also give a TESSful touch to any outfit you wear. 
It can speak up for your mood and make you look & feel glam (#1), casual (#2), chic (#3), foolish (#4), playful (#5), festive (#6), funny (#7), sporty (#8) or cool (#9-10). So, shoot! Pick yours! Pick several! Change them all the time! Stay TESSful!

 Winter Hats
1. Kate Spade€240 (TESS), 2. Tory Burch€110 (TESS), 3. Maison Michel€615 (TESS), 4. Markus Lupfer€175 (TESS), 5. Silverspoon€100 (TESS), 
6. Markus Lupfer€180 (TESS), 7. Inverni€275 (TESS), 8. Inverni€350 (TESS), 9-10. Burberry€360 (TESS & TESS)

*** So, LOVE it or HATE it? What is YOUR RELATIONSHIP with WINTER HATS? ***

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Your Tess

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Warm & Cozy

Brrrr... It is getting cold and chilly out there. Well, I shouldn't be complaining though. It is still a luxury to have such a sunny weather almost in the middle of November. NOVEMBER!! To remind (first of all to myself) it used to snow this time couple of years ago. (Not in Paris though... I was a bit North, to be completely honest with you:)
So, no complaints! Let's just TESSfully enjoy these golden days of autumn. Wrapped in a plaid or a cape, a wide scarf or a furry collar, let's TESSfully stumble around the city. Wherever you are!

Clothes: Cape Belmondo€110 (TESS), Faux Leather Pants, €24 (TESS)
Shoes: Over the Knee Boots Stuart Weitzman, €565 (TESS)
Accessories: Full Grain Leather Handbag 3.1 Phillip Lim, €715 (TESS), Iris Large Velour Hat Inverni, €255 (TESS), Red Dial Watch Isaac Mizrahi, €92 (TESS), Red Crystal Earrings Fragments, €24 (TESS
Cosmetics: Lipstick Lana Vivid Orange Red NARS, €31 (TESS)

*** So, how do YOU KEEP YOURSELF WARM and COZY this season? ***

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Your Tess

Monday, April 21, 2014

Be Hot in the Heat

Summer is around the corner... almost. I mean, it is far enough to bring our curves back in shape (in case you had too many chocolate bunnies this Easter), but still close enough to start thinking (read: dreaming) about so-much-deserved vacations. As I trust, that you keep TESSfully rocking the gym and stonily wearing down your snickers on a treadmill or in the nearest park, let's talk about vacation then.

The latter one clearly starts off with a new bikini: hot, gorgeous, TESSful. You know what I mean: a bikini, that makes all men on the beach turn their heads on you and only you. Mmmm!... And  so I found it! It is a beautiful set from Moeva, a luxury and designer swimwear brand from London. 
Love their model Lucille a LOT: check the delicious color, soft shimmer, innovative cut:
Model: bikini LUCILLE
Below are TOP 5 TESSful pics from the Moeva Spring/Summer 2014 Collection dedicated to embracing powerful femininity:
Model: one piece GIA
Model: bikini JUNE
Model: one piece ARIELLE
Model: bikini JEANNE
Model: one piece CAMILLA
All Images are courtesy of Moeva

*** So, ARE YOU all SET for the coming SWIMMING SEASON? ***

In case you need some gym inspiration, check it HERE,-) 

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Your Tess

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sick Pumps

My pumps just got sick... 
Seriously, they got a cold, a sore throat or, maybe, a runny nose, 'cause otherwise I don't see a point of wrapping them up in scarves.

I was a bit confused by this 'innovation' from Loriblu, a one of the most leading Italian shoe brands for women and men. Established in the early 70s, Loriblu traditionally signed-off only the most TESSful, gorgeous, sexiest female 'heels': pumps, scarpins, platforms - you name it. But these ones... are kind of 'special'. There is a term in marketing that perfectly describes launches like this: 'the idea was great, but execution failed'. Obviously, shoes are stunning, little silk foulards are fab, but paired together they suck. These shoes give me a feeling of covered throat to prevent angina:
Image are courtesy of Loriblu
In terms of styling, this 'fancy silk feature' doesn't make our lives easier either. The thick band wrapped around an ankle will visually cut the height, so these shoes will most probably work only for tall girls or those who prefer a relatively short outfits; otherwise, they will kill a look rather than heal it. So, a bit of a challenge from Loriblu (and for Loriblu!) this season. Let's see where the creativity brings them next.

***Do SILK SCARVES heal or kill these SHOES? ***

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Your Tess

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sparkly Eyes

I am pretty much sure you all have seen this image from the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign. ...But I am not sure if you got that much addicted to it as I did. (Frankly, it even forced me to get back to my blog, that I haven't done for a while).

The image is courtesy of Michael Kors
What can I say...? Beautiful photo-work by Mario Testino. It explains it all - you want to have it, own it, buy it, wear it, possess it. It gives you a spirit of relaxing vacation in St. Tropez or Monaco. Healthy tan, high-contrast white dress, massive gold accessories and...enigmatic, mesmerizing blue sunglasses! I think, that's exactly the answer why I love this print so much - I was mes-me-ri-zed. 

In other words, if I can be more figurative, if these gorgeous sunglasses would be a guy (obviously, a handsome one), I would definitely marry him! Totally! Without a second thought! And so I am trying to do. Yes, I am trying to find a good pair of sunglasses with a reflective optical coating 'to marry' them once and forever (or at least for this summer). 

If you want the result - well, I am still on the hunt... but I think that eventually I will get back to my favorite 'Kors-ies'. They were almost the only sunglasses that didn't make me (and not only me) look like a flying insect (yuck!). Seriously, dragonFly, butterFly, whateverFly, but clearly not a TESSfly. Yet, we all must be the one!

*** So, GO or NO GO for the MIRRORED SUNGLASSES this summer? ***

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess