Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aimez-vous Brahms?

As much as I like Fran├žoise Sagan, this post has nothing to do with her novel Aimez-vous Brahms (1959). Instead, I will focus on the real piano concerto of Johannes Brahms I was lucky enough to listen at the Victoria Hall in Geneva. Frankly, I haven't been exposed to the classical music - performed live - for a while, so this concert truly overwhelmed me with a beauty and sophistication of this musical genre and reestablished emotions I used to know before. It was an extremely emotionally charged event, that featured two gifted composers - Johannes Brahms and Piotr Tchaikovsky. 

Both concertos were breathtakingly performed by the Swiss Romande Orchestra under the direction of Nicolaj Znaider with a piano accompaniment of Denis Matsuev. As I am not an often guest (unfortunately) of the music conservatories or performance halls, I've never heard Nicolaj before. In fact, this Danish-Israeli classical violinist and conductor at his age of 37 is regularly invited to work with the world’s leading orchestras including, Vienna Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, New York Philharmonic, Chicago Symphony etc. To listen to Nicolaj Znaider was a source of delight and astonishment. He made a tremendous impression on me and I will definitely search for another chance to visit his concert. Extremely talented man!

Now to the matter - my look of the night. As it was a classical music event, the classical black outfit was almost a must. This said, I went for a black close-fitting dress which I nicely paired with over-knee suede boots. The high boots - being unusual for such event yet fully in line with dress-code requirements - gave my outfit a noticeable TESS twist. Unfortunately, on all the pictures here my boots look like thick tights rather than boots, but at the end this was a part of the idea - to stay classy yet chic; to be appropriate for the event yet with a zest of TESS.

So, TESS of the day:
Sweater - JAEGER,
Boots, Watch - all by Karen Millen
Glasses, Necklace - all by CHANEL.

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


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    1. Hi Mia, thanks a lot for your warm words! I am really excited to get some readers from Australia!!
      You have a wonderful blog - appreciate sharing a link! Definitely let's stay in touch:) and courage with your ballet school! This dance is so beautiful!!


  2. You look so TESS! So VIP! Hihi. :D I'm glad I followed you via GFC. ♥


    1. Haha, Bianca! You are so cute!
      I will keep my TESSful work up to meet...well, to exceed... your expectations:))

      xxx, Tess