Thursday, November 15, 2012

StateMENt pieces

Frankly, I never thought of Burberry as of my brand... Well, don't get me wrong - I don't want to sound snobbish by any means. I just think that style aesthetics what Burberry drives across are different from those what I share. (With an exception of its iconic trench coat, which is absolutely gorgeous and is a must-have in any women's wardrobe... huh, still to be purchased for mine, though). 
Anyways, Burberry and I - we kind of followed parallel walks which never crossed... never... till a couple of days ago... when I saw this fabulous collection of men's and women's accessories, shown at Burberry A/W 2012 runway. 

I still couldn't get my eyes off! Look at this mesmerizing autumn colors, sophisticated design, soft suede... Even 'ducky' umbrellas look cute and fancy!!! (though I am curious to see men's reaction when they hold it in hands:-). 

Enjoy TESS for men: 

Enjoy TESS for women: 

    Images are courtesy of Burberry

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess

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