Monday, November 12, 2012

J'adore Dior...

...and its doll in the store. Actually, all 74 of them. I need to admit, I have a soft spot for cool marketing campaigns... especially when it comes to fashion ...and especially when they are filled with TESS. This year Dior simply blew me away!!! The Christmas windows of Le Printemps (Parisian department store), decorated by the Dior team, look truly stunning!!!

The designers and ateliers of the House created 74 little ladies and dressed each one of them in the iconic Dior outfits. My favorite one is undoubtedly the ice-skating girl! She is so adorable!
Even though that dressing dolls might sound as a cool game we all have been exposed to in our fresh years, Dior brought this play to the completely new level. The team of multiple designers, tailors, 'marionettistes' spent several months working with little models... Only my skating girl needed eight weeks to get used to the rink:-) 
Amazing job, full of TESS!
Images/video are courtesy of Dior

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