Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kiddie Couture

Well, it was said a lot about Golden Globe Awards this year. You may even be sick and tired to read about those 'fabulous suits and gowns' that hit a red carpet that night. But wait, here is a new twist. A mini one. (You see, just another prove of our TESSful theory that Small is the New Big). 

New York based photographer Tricia Messeroux decided to recreate the ceremony, starring this time tiny celebrities instead of real ones. Several lucky kids were chosen to dress and pose like Golden Globe A-listers. Obvious question is... how it can be done so quickly?! The original 70th ceremony of Annual Awards took place on January 13th, while less than a week later we already enjoy a full portfolio of little cuties posing in the same outfits. Clearly, none of the dresses were revealed before the ceremonial night... 

So, that's how it worked. On Sunday night, Tricia Messeroux watched the show together with a designer Andrea Pitter to select the looks, on Monday - they booked models and selected fabrics, and on Tuesday - shooting rocked the place. 
“All day Monday we were shopping for props, shopping for garments, for fabrics and details, and then she [Pitter] just made it all day,” Messeroux told ABCNews
The choice of celebrities, which Tricia wanted to 'shrink', was driven by three main criteria: “the detail of the dress, the person, and if it is possible to keep kid appropriate”. From the moral stand point, the photographer rejected all deeply décolleté dresses, which apparently were trendy this year. 

Look how TESSfully these little cuties work the red carpet gowns! Fabulous! 
Halle Berry

Anne Hathaway
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler 
Kerry Washington
Lucy Liu
Taylor Swift
Have a look at this short video on how the shooting was actually done:

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  3. This is absolutely adorable! Lucy Liu mini's dress looks spot on!

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