Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh! Paparazzi

Nothing fancy. No special events or occasions. Not a single reason to boost the mood. Just a grey rainy day in Geneva. And what all women do when they are (fairly) moody? They go and buy new shoes! That's exactly what I intended to do today. Quietly. Under the cover of a bad weather. So no one knows. 

(Just for you to understand, I've already got a stamp on my forehead from my dearest friends, saying "The Shoe Addict"! ...so yes, I am trying to "make it or fake it" these days. Yet, more often, I still fake it). 

Well, I bet you guessed the end of the story. I entered a store and... was almost immediately spotted by one of the friends - a wonderful style consultant who was also there. No comments. No shoes. Just beware of paparazzi. 

...At least it gave me a reason to share with you my TESSful look of the day.

So, TESS of the day:
Blouse, Sweater - all by Tara Jarmon,
Coated jeans - Caroll,
Scarf Galeries Lafayette,
Rubber Boots - CHANEL
Watch - Karen Millen,
Umbrella - Ferre.

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


  1. Very Cute outfit! love the pop color of red :)

  2. Cute outfit. :D

    xx MJ