Friday, January 4, 2013

Craving for Sunshine

I always search for inspiration (like everyone does, I think... or at least I hope). Yet, I don't have any special tricks, hints or algorithms. The key is to keep eyes open and absorb as much information as possible (if possible).
For instance, this post (together with this TESSful look) was inspired by two random occasions... 

The TESSful cause #1: I miss sun. I really do. Although I got used to 'enjoy' (as much as enjoyable it can be) a quiet, soft and slow snow during the winter seasons, I was spoiled by the Californian sun this year. December there looked like April or May for me!! Won-der-ful!! And as I continue travelling all over around, the drastic change of temperatures made me miss the Californian sun so badly. (Just to give you an idea: it was +15° in San Francisco on January 1st; on January 2nd I faced 0° in Geneva, and yesterday I arrived to Moscow with its -7°... Basic mathematics exercise gives us a drop of 22°... huh). Everyone would miss the sun after all these changes!

=> here comes the yellow color 

The TESSful cause #2: I love wax-coated jeans. I really do. They look like leather pants but much-much more comfortable to wear. They are close to body, light, versatile and edgy. Paired with a simple jacket, they can rock your daytime look, or, if combined with a nice top, will help you to stand-out at night.
Anyways, it seems that it is not only me who likes coated jeans... I mean MY coated jeans. Listen to this funny story which happened to me on December 31st (was it a pre-New Year miracle?) I was hanging around in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco with my friends: it was amazing sunny day (as you have guessed), we had just finished a nice festive picnic outside and were heading to our car. The park was crowded with runners, cyclists, dog-walkers, parents with kids... All of a sudden, one man on the bike came to me. 
- Hey, I think we had a breakfast together this morning! - he said. 
(Excuse me?! First time I see you... - went through my mind). 
No, seriously, I remember your pants! - he continued. - Are they from leather? They are really fab! I immediately noticed them at La Boulange
(Well, it was exactly the place where I had my breakfast that morning...) No comments.

=> here comes the wax-coated jeans 
(...the rest is my TESSful inspiration...)
Sunny Outfit
CLOTHES: Jacket Proenza Schouler€1573 (TESS); Blouse Heidi Merrick315 (TESS); Waxed Jeans Rag & Bone Jean174 (TESS
SHOES: Studded Heels Gucci884 (TESS
BAG: Leather Tote Bag 3.1 Phillip Lim678 (TESS
ACCESSORIES: Ring Kenneth Jay Lane37 (TESS); Stud Earrings Trina Turk36 (TESS)
COSMETICS: Lip Gloss Yves Saint Laurent22 CHF (TESS


Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


  1. Waxed jeans are my go to right now, they have that rocker edge. I like how you've paired a girly top with it to make it a more feminine look

    1. You're so right, Danielle, about the waxed jeans! They give a nice shimmer touch to any outfit - whether it is a day or night time. I really find these kind of pants an easy-to-wear item, that's why I went for a combination with a girly blouse! :)

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback! Means a lot to me!

      xxx, Tess

  2. Love the outfit!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

    1. Thanks a lot, Diana! I am glad you liked my style:-)

      xxx, Tess

  3. nice outfit , very grown up and sophisticated !

    1. Thanks a lot, Kamila!
      Sophistication is a heart of TESS's philosophy and, consequently, dominates in all looks:)
      I am really glad you liked it!!!!

      xxx, Tess