Monday, December 10, 2012

Style is in the Air

As my Christmas vacation is fast approaching, I was thinking recently what to wear for my overnight flight in order to get off the plane looking put-together and ready to go. In general, I have a TESSfull go-to traveling-outfit formula that’s never failed to keep me comfortable, cute and warm in airports and airplanes. 
  • First, I usually go for trousers - whether these are stretch jeans, leggings or soft pantalons. All of them are extremely comfortable to sleep in any weird position you might find yourself in the chair. 
  • On top, it’s all about layers that I can add or peel off depending on the temperature on the board. Knitted sweaters rarely get wrinkles so they can secure sharpness of your look on arrival. 
  • Last but not least, shoes. I prefer to wear something easy-to-slip-off-and-on, like ballerinas or moccasins. 
  • Ah, yes, and of course, accessories. They should be very simple and appropriate for the outfit (and occasion).
I put together two TESSy looks for your inspiration (or reapplication), so you can survive 10h flights like a lady this season.

1. Classy TESSful outfit for your long-haul flight: 
Long Flight Outfit
CLOTHES: Jeans Burberry Brit278 (TESS); Top Moschino Cheap and Chic323 (TESS); Sweater Lanvin1'024 (TESS); Knitted Snood French Connection68 (TESS)  
SHOES: Moccasins UGG112 (TESS)  
BAG: Tote Maison Martin Margiela680 (TESS)   
ACCESSORIES: cuffs: Alexander McQueen390 (TESS) and Tory Burch104 (TESS); Earrings Tory Burch128 (TESS
COSMETICS: Lipstick Tom Ford (color Black Orchid), 37 (TESS)  
LIFESTYLE: Notebook Coach128 (TESS)

 2. Funky TESSful outfit for your long-haul flight:
      Long Flight Outfit (2)
         CLOTHES: Tee Comme Des Garçons Play90 (TESS), Hoodie Juicy Couture68 (TESS), Trousers Chloé25 (TESS
         SHOES: Shoes Jimmy Choo402 (TESS
         BAG: Tote, 12 (TESS
         ACCESSORIES: Watch Marc by Marc Jacobs153 (TESS), Oversized eyeglasses, 34 (TESS)
         COSMETICS: Perfume Comme des Garçons 'Play'€75 (TESS), Nail polish Chanel (color 473)
         LIFESTYLE: Books of your choice;)

So, which outfit is more TESSful for you?

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


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