Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kind of Christmas Tree

What could be better than sitting on the couch in front of the Christmas tree and watching the snowfall outside? Hopefully, you've already got one. I mean the tree, not the snowfall. The latter one is quite optional, depending on your personal preferences and climatic possibilities. The Christmas tree is a key. 
I need to admit I didn't get a Christmas tree this year. I will be travelling all over around visiting my family and friends so I decided to keep +1 tree alive. However, that's what exactly brought me to the question, if - in general - we should be going for the real trees or creatively designed artificial ones?  At the end, we enjoy their presence just a couple of weeks. 

Below are some TESSful Christmas trees what truly inspired me to create and... to support deforestation.

1. TESSfully Red Christmas Tree from Christian Louboutin (2012)
This year Christian Louboutin‘s windows feature a unique Christmas tree assembled from the multiple iconic Pigalle shoes. The design was developed by London studio XAG.
Image by Susie Rea
2. TESSfully Warm Christmas Tree from Max Mara (2012)
Max Mara has created and donated a Christmas tree made of thirteen little coats in neutral alabaster, sewn by hand and made of fine double knit cashmere.
Image is courtesy of Max Mara
3. TESSfully Sweet Christmas Tree from Ladurée (2012)
The Christmas tree of macarons from the french 'fabricant de doucers' Ladurée was obviously inspired by the luxury and desire to be the guilty pleasure. Deliciously done!
Image is courtesy of Ladurée

As a bonus, have a look at some TESSful Christmas Tree ideas from the previous years - still amazingly relevant and bright!

Chanel (Paris). 2010
Image is courtesy of Chanel
Maison Martin Margiela. 2009 
Image is courtesy of Maison Martin Margiela
Dior (Paris). 2011
Image is courtesy of Dior
Louis Vuitton. 2009
Photo by Dominique Maitre
Jean Paul Gaultier. 2009
Unknown, but amazingly TESSfull...

And you, do YOU prefer a REAL Christmas tree or fancy a CREATIVE one?

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


  1. I love the Margiela book tree - wonder if I've got the right colour selections on my bookshelf to create one...hmmm.
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Devon,

      How was your 'Christmas Book Tree' at the end? Did you manage to copy Maison Martin Margiela tree? :) Hope so!
      The idea they came up with was amazing! I've seen quite a few Xmas trees made out of books, but this one was obviously the best!!
      Great color scheme!

      I am glad you liked it as well!
      xxx, Tess

  2. these are so cool! I like that tree made from Louboutin shoes!<3


    1. Oh yeah, Denisa!! Just imagine a disassembling of this tree afterwards;) Just dreaming...:)
      Anyways, great idea from the brand side! This Xmas tree definitely created a strong word of mouth for Christian Louboutin !!

      xxx, Tess