Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feelings vs. Tricks in photo

I love fashion and everything it screams: whether it comes to style, design, marketing or photography. The latter one especially draws my attention - and not because of its sweet (yet not always) faces, expensieve looks and over the top set-ups, but because of the colors, emotions, dynamics it usually carries (if done properly). 
''Fashion photography is an insidious profession <...> when misapplied, the results are vulgar and tawdry. Its correct use depends on instinct. It is up to the fashion photographer to create an illusion. In doing so, he is not behaving with dishonesty, but when properly invoked, the result is not merely an illusion; rather, it makes the observer see what he wishes to see.'' 
(C. Beaton and G. Buckland, The Magic Image, 1975) 
There are some incredible fashion photographers on the scene today (who are, in fact, as famous as the celebrities who pose for them). Starting off with this post, I will be sharing with you a TESS list of camera geniuses, who inspired my creativity, sharpened my style and boosted my aesthetics up. 

Today I am TESSed by Christopher Anderson, an internationally recognized photographer whose credits include Vogue France, Vanity Fair, Esquire, W etc. Born in Canada in 1970, he gained his first recognition for his pictures at the age of 29. It was back in 1999 when he boarded a small wooden boat with Haitian refugees trying to sail to America. The boat, named the Believe In God, sank in the Caribbean. In 2000 the images from that journey received the Robert Capa Gold Medal. These days, Christopher is a member of Magnum Photos and is currently New York Magazine's first ever photographer-in-residence. 
"Emotion or feeling is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that it is just a trick." (Christopher Anderson)
Get inspired by the Top 5 TESSfuly done pictures of Christopher Anderson:

Paris, France. January 2006.
Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer for Chanel at the Grand Palais.
New York City, USA. February 2008.
Zac Posen Fashion Show (backstage). 
Los Angeles, USA. 2011.
Fashion shoot at the John Lautner house owned by James Goldstein. 
Milan, Italy. February 2008. 
Versace Fashion Show (backstage).

New York City. Fashion Week.
Images are courtesy of Christopher Anderson and Magnum Photos
                                                         *** By the way, WHO do YOU consider a Fashion Photography Star? ***

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


  1. Very cool photographs! Love your blog :)


  2. Thanks a lot, Kristine!
    Christopher Anderson is, indeed, a fabulous photographer!! Love his shots!!

    xxx, Tess

  3. great pictures, I really like the last one, the movement of the dress really draws me in:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

    1. Hi Kate! I like the last one as well! It seems to be so simple... but thanks to the rich color and great airy movement of the dress, this photo becomes mesmeric!! Cannot get my eyes off!!

      xxx, Tess