Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be Matte, not Mad

I love matte nails! They are so TESSfully chic. Matte palette is also the easiest and the fastest way to add a solid sophistication to your manicure, independently on the color itself. Whether you prefer bold or pastel shades, the matte layer on top will give your nails that impeccably sleek and posh look you always wanted to have. 

Said that, let me share with you my TESSful girlie secret. My biggest craving of the week is... yes, this astonishing grey nail polish you see below. It was a love at first sight. The color looks so warm and cozy on the nails, yet at the same time, it shows ambitions and certain toughness. This shade definitely dispel the myth that grey is a color of depression or apathy. No way! Instead, it screams confidence and a strong personality behind. Style-wise, it is quite neutral and can TESSfully complement any of your looks. 

(Now, when I re-read the post, it sounds to me as an ad, but believe me it is not! I am just sharing with you my sincere ...ahaaa and ...hmmm about my new find.)

If you fancy this particular color, it is a Matte Grey Nail Polish by ZOYA ($19.99). TESS it here.
If you prefer wearing other colors, have a look at my TESS-list below:

All pictures were kindly provided by Google Images.
In case you know the authors, I will be happy to put a copyright.

***So, what do YOU THINK of MATTE nails?***

Keep TESSTaste.Elegance.Sophistication.Style!
Your Tess


  1. Great Post!
    Love it :)


  2. love 'em all! indeed they are lovely!

  3. Matt nail polish is amazing! I always try to wear matt because i just think the finish is more appealing! I've invested in the rimmel matt nail polish garnish and it's amazing!!


  4. I am in love with matte nail polish!

    xx MJ

  5. Hi love!
    Would youu please check out my blog?
    Thank you so much



  6. this is an amzing colour and thank you for the sweet comment and for following.
    I am following you back too with GFC and Bloglovin!Matte nail polish